About Us


Simple, stylish and locally-crafted apparel since 2016


Founded in 2016, Originated from Antima Exports, ZOLDY is a startup of two fun lovers who came up with an idea of something contemporary and trendy with apparels, so we established Zoldy online store. The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we employ are what make Zoldy our mission in life. It is not just a store but our creativity, our curiosity, our art, our expression, our presentation and everything.

Who doesn’t love t-shirts? T-shirts are love of every single person whether it is a kid, a youngster or an old man…. everyone wants to grace its wardrobe with designer, graphics and funky tees.

Zoldy is a fashion store of designer and graphic t-shirts of men and women with their own designing and manufacturing. We have a wide range of collection for all kinds of people, from music lovers to football lovers, from bike lovers to travellers, for spirituals, for pet lovers and what not. Surprising with new designs every season, great attention is given to the unique & personal identity to all fashion items.

Plain t-shirts are real class. They add elegance to your style. Zoldy has RAINBOW colours of plain tees for men and women to embrace style.

Our motto is to deliver quality and gain satisfaction. Striving for this, our fabulous team is putting all its efforts towards providing better designs and graphics with fine quality material.

Shaping fashion with imagination & inspiration